Abgesagt: Wohnzimmerkonzert / Meursault + Daniel Benjamin (Sea & Air)

EINLASS: 19:00; 20:00: KONZERT

Wohnzimmerkonzert MEURSAULT support: Daniel Benjamin (sea and air) Scotland’s Neil Pennycook (aka Meursault) returns with ‘Crow Hill’ a double album comprised of what he refers to as ‘a series of urban- horror vignettes set to musici’. Released on ‘Common Grounds Records’ this new collection pushes Meursault in a broader, more narrative driven direction than previous work while retaining the same dark humour and intense live performances the act has become known for. Meursault have never sounded so triumphant and full of conviction; Crow Hill harbours enough masterfully executed twists and turns to merit a seatbelt warning.” – The Skinny “Over five albums and now more than a decade, the music has developed but the essence of what made Meursault so compelling remains.” - GodisintheTV “Pennycook retains his skill of eking emotion and loveliness out of the most economical and pared back of melodies.” – Backseatmafia “I can sit down with this record and at some point, during its forty-five minutes a purging of sorts takes place and I come out the other side feeling more hardened and more strengthened than I did before.” – Goldflakepaint His voice is confident and warm-timbred, but he always sounds a shade short of losing his mind... Clenched teeth, furious strum, bodies falling, souls salvaged.” – Pitchfork